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Thank you for your time today and for looking to see what I am all about. Your event is important and I want your music to be perfect. My years of experience in a variety of events are the key to making your event one that you will long remember. Give me the opportunity to put my talents to work for you and I promise to make your event – one you have taken special care to plan – the best it can possibly be.


This is my story...

My love for music started as a young boy growing up in Nashua, NH. I was completely transfixed by the effect the Beatles had on the music world; I experienced that same impact watching them on TV. I explored music of many genres and discovered that my musical interest was as great as the variety of music available.


In my college days at (now) Plymouth State University my curiosity for playing music took hold. A friend of mine worked for the college radio station WPCR and invited me in to watch him work. I was totally taken in by the way he played music and how he blended that with the public service announcements. I immediately knew I wanted to work at the station; it simply looked like too much fun to pass up. I was eventually able to land a Friday afternoon show. I knew my show coincided with various fraternity and sorority happy hours taking place around campus. I thought about those parties and, you guessed it– created one big on-air, campus-wide dance party! It was an overnight sensation around campus and soon all the fraternities and sororities sent requests to the station asking me to be the DJ at these events.


The idea was born and on one weekend trip home to Nashua I told my Dad about what was happening at school. I talked with my Dad and Aunt Kay about my idea and asked them for a small loan to invest in sound equipment and music to get me started. I promised to pay back every penny before I finished school, and they put their faith and confidence in me. With all of my new equipment and music in tow, I set off to conquer the world!

My plan worked to perfection! Organizations, both on and off campus started to hire me to DJ their events. From Christmas semi-formals to college pub nights – with lines out to the street! – I began to make a great name for myself and by the time I graduated I had paid every penny back and more. I thought to myself that if I could have such success doing this part time, just imagine what could be if I applied myself full-time to this endeavor.


It is now more than 20 years later, and while my music collection and equipment list have grown, my passion has stayed true. I am thankful every single day for being able to do work that I truly love, and I look forward to creating a memorable experience for you. | Premiere DJ in NH, MA, New England

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